MINET Gold infinity earrings Au 585/1000 1,10g

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Decent earrings made of genuine 14k gold. The earrings are suitable for everyday wear and special occasions. The bar on the back of the earrings has 2 notches, which serve as a locking device to prevent loss and also as a dual level fastening option. You will notice the quality workmanship right after the first wearing.

The Czech jewelry and wrist watch brand MINET was founded in 2017 and 3 sisters are involved in the creation of accessories. They collect inspiration at home and abroad and bring to the market silver and gold jewellery that is different and adds both personality to a simple outfit and confidence to the woman wearing it.

Product type: earrings

Brand: MINET

Type of closure: clutch

Material: gold 585/1000

Colour: gold

Fineness: Au 585/1000

Weight (g) 1,1

Width (mm) 9

Hight (mm) 4

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