VLAHA Oak Wooden Clock made in Czech Republic ⌀32,5cm

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VLAHA clocks are handmade in the Heart of Europe in a small beautiful country called Czech Republic. The main creator of VLAHA clocks is Mr. Libor Vláha, who honors traditional crafts and quality materials.

For VLAHA clocks, the finest oak wood was chosen. Oak wood is widely known for its durability and hardness and although solid wood is commonly used for the classical style clocks, VLAHA goes for more of a modern design.

To preserve the natural tone of oak, the surface is impregnated by linseed oil and only proven German UTS movements are used to run these clocks. For each piece manufactured, you will also get a certificate with a production date.

By a gentle hand work, exceptional wooden wall clocks are created to give your home a unique look.

Clock category: design

Product type: wall clock

Silent second hand: no

Brand: VLAHA

Second hand: no

Material: wood

Radio controlled: no

Time display: analog

Diameter (cm): 32

Movement type: Quartz | battery-powered, ticking without second hand | no loud ticking

Colour: brown, silver

Diameter (mm) 325

Hight (mm) 35

95,00 €
incl. VAT

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