LAVVU Digital Projection Radio Controlled Alarm Clock PROJECTION

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The modern LAVVU PROJECTION digital alarm clock has many useful functions. Its biggest advantages include radio-controlled time, thanks to which the alarm clock is perfectly accurate and automatically adjusts itself during the day according to the signal from Germany. Another benefit is not only the room temperature in the range from -10°C to 50°C, but mainly the outdoor temperature sensor, with which you will know immediately after waking up what the temperature behind the window is in the range from -20°C to 50°C.

Power supply is possible with batteries or an adapter. If you choose the wired power supply, you can enjoy another great feature - the continous projection of time on the wall or ceiling. When using batteries, the projectior turns on when you press a button, so you don't even have to turn your head at night to check how long you can sleep.

Accessories: 2 pieces AA batteries or power supply cord, power supply cord

Product type: alarm clock

Brand: LAVVU

Power supply system: battery, power cable

Radio controlled: yes

Time display: digital

Temperature indicator: yes

Time projection: yes

Alarm clock type: with projection

Language: Czech, English, German, French, Italian, Denmark, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian

Silent second hand: yes

Dial lighting: yes

Material: plastic

Indicator of the day: yes

Features: 1x alarm, date, day of the week, thermometer, , snooze | alarm postponed for 5 min, , outdoor temperature sensor, LED orange illumination, time projection on the wall

Movement type: Quartz | battery-powered, radio controlled

Snooze: yes

Colour: black

Weight (g) 365

Hight (mm) 90

Width (mm) 140

Depth (mm) 50

59,90 €
incl. VAT

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