LAVVU Digital Radio Controlled Alarm Clock Duo Black

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This digital alarm clock is accurate to the second thanks to automatic adjustment by radio signal from Germany. It can be set to 2 different wake-up times and, most importantly, can speak 10 European languages.

Thanks to the gradually increasing beeping, you can be sure that it will definitely not let anyone fall asleep. And if you do want to sleep in, just press it from above and it will wake you up again in 5 minutes.

It's easy and intuitive to use, and then serves as a clock, date, day of the week and room temperature display during the day.

Accessories: 2 pieces AAA batteries

Product type: alarm clock

Brand: LAVVU

Power supply system: battery

Radio controlled: yes

Time display: digital

Temperature indicator: yes

Alarm clock type: classic

Language: Czech, English, German, Polish, French, Italian, Denmark, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish

Silent second hand: yes

Dial lighting: yes

Material: plastic

Indicator of the day: yes

Features: 2x alarm, date, day of the week, light, thermometer, , snooze | alarm postponed for 5 min, , LED blue illumination

Movement type: Quartz | battery-powered, radio controlled

Sound: ascending beeping

Snooze: yes

Colour: black

Weight (g) 104

Hight (mm) 92

Width (mm) 72

Depth (mm) 48

27,60 €
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